About Jacob


Jacob is a natural aritst with a rich inner world and a strong creative drive. By the time he was 15 years old he was designing and producing album covers and concert flyers for his band. In 2013, he graduated from New York FILM academy with an MFA where he studied topics such as film editing, script writing and character development. He also studied painting under the guidance of Gildalorena Martinez. By the year 2020 he decided to take his creative pursuits in a commercial direction and began studying Graphic Design and UI/UX. He partnered with a web developer to design and open an online clothing store which gave him real-life, hands on experience in the world of  Graphic Design and E Commerce. He found the perfect way to combine his artistic ablities and his 3 years of advertising experience to carve out a promising, new career path. He is self motivated and has a strong desire to learn and improve. He completed several online courses in UI/UX and Graphic Design where he learned how to use many of the industry standard programs such as: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and more. Everyday, he continues to hone his skills and strengthen his imagination so he can be the best graphic designer he can be.


—My Approach

My Approach to Design

Being an artist and a designer is not just a technical skillset but also a constant mindset. Learning to use the proper tools and understand the fundamentals of design is important but developing the daily lifestyle that allows one to consitently create and  conceptualize new ideas is also mandatory. 

Understanding people and thier basic drives and impulses is essential for coming up with unique and compelling designs. Jacob keeps an open mind and a child-like sense of wonder about the world so he can mantain a creative flow and keep producing quality designs that create a sense of excitement and curiosity about what lies behind the face of the brand. 

Why Choose JB Packer Designs


Research current trends as well as public needs that are yet to have been met and apply the creative techniques to make designs that represent them in the best way.


Combine fundamental marketing techniques with simple and stimulating designs that motivate the consumer to want to learn more. Create urgency and exclusiveness.


Create exciting designs that people can’t forget by breaking down the characteristics of desired objects to their most basic form and then exaggerate those characteristics.


Design user interfaces based on a metric that includes the widest range of users in a way that allows the common user to proceed with confidence and ease.