Fur Baby Clothing MOCK UPS

Fur Baby Clothing is an online clothing shop that allows the customer to participate in the creative process by sending a pic of their pet along with a phrase or concept; The designs are completely unique and especially meaningful to the consumer.

Sun Child Baby Food Label

Sun Child Baby Food is a food company that makes healthy but delicious food just for babies and young children. They make foods that are similar to the kind that adults eat but made with a special texture that is more chewable for babies. It also has a high concentration of nutrients.

Angel Tech Album Cover

Angel Tech is an experimental band that delves into various genres such Electronic, Electro Pop, Psychedelic, Industrial and Soundscapes. “Angel Tech: Self-Titled” is thier second LP. They are very hard to categorize so it was a challenge to represent thier music in a clear and suitable way.


Bride Of Earth is a new and upcoming crossover band whose music surpasses the limitations of genre and style.  They have an Electronic and Experimental side as well as a more musically traditional side. There is no limitation to the range of emotions expressed in theier compositions.

Fredericks Financial Planning Corp. Ad

Finnegan’s Financial Planning is a corporation that helps people get out of debt or teahces younger adults to handle thier finances responsibly so they dont get into debt in the first place. Not only do they help people handle thier finances, but they also teach them to be clever and strategic so they can make thier money work for them.

Mazuri Beard OIL Ad

Mezmerize  approaches men’s health and beauty care in an elegant and artistic way. Their products are aimed at classy and professional men who take great pride in their hygiene and their appearance.  Their newest product “Mazuri Beard Oil” is aimed at mostly African American men but not limited to. Mazuri softens and conditions the facial hair for a fuller and more prim look and it also moisturizes the skin to help avoid acne.