Case Study 01

Fur Baby Clothing is an online tee shirt shop that allows the customer to participate in the creative process by emailing the designer a picture of their pet along with a concept of what they want the design to be.

Target Audience

Ages 40 -70

Mostly female

Online shoppers


Humorous, Cute, Sentimental, Witty


Tee shirt design


Advertisement design




After making some random designs and a website, I made a weekly budget for Facebook advertising and then checked the traffic status and behavior with Google Analytics to figure out more about the demographics of the visitors. 

After concluding that the target audience should be women ages 30 to 70, I researched other similar websites and began observing what kinds of tee shirts people were wearing in public.

In order to learn more about how the target audience thinks, I put together some designs and sent them to a woman that I hired through Fiverr to come up with a quote for each design and give her impressions.





  • The client wants to start an online clothing shop but he is not sure what
    his target audience should be or what kind of creative theme to use.
  • Client was getting a low click-through rate and a low conversion rate in
    Google Analyitcs.


  • I developed a central creative theme based on pets and targeted women
    from the age range of 40 to 70.
  • Found a niche and discovered a way to offer something unique to the
    consumer that decreased the competition.
  • Increased the demand by including the consumer in the creative process.


  • We opened up more options such as pet clothing, pet beds and many
    other pet-related accessories.
  • Our branding choices have provided us with other advertising avenues
    such as social media groups and humorous advertising videos.
  • We chose a theme that allows us to use humor and sentimenality as a
    motivating factor for the consumer.

Design Process

  • Draw columns for pet names, animal synonyms, objects and descriptive
    words, and then combine them all in different ways.
  • Get pictures of pets and surf the web for stock photos of objects as well as
    animal paintings that ive done.
  • Import images into Photoshop to crop, re-size and combine the images.
  • Create color pallettes to fit a light-hearted and humorous mood and theme
    of the brand and then manipulate the shades and the temperatures.
  • Search for a font with an Asian Martial Arts feel that fits with the concept of
    “Karate Kitty”.


As a result of my brand designs and marketing strategy, the client found a niche and even added a little spice to it. His click-through rates and conversion rates improved by 40%, and I helped him open the door to more possibilities. My designs and concepts added entertainment value to his marketing campaign which attracted more customers who were much more willing to stay on the site longer to find out more about the product.

Component 1

I chose this image because it seemed like it would be easy to modify; All I had to do was replace the head and the hands, and then remove the background in Photoshop.

Component 2

There were plenty of good cat pics to choose from and I designed different versions, but this is the one that really brought Karate Kitty to life; There is something scary yet humorous about the fury in his eyes.

Component 3

This is the perfect font for Karate Kitty. Having an Oriental-style font is mandatory, and any other font would have left the design feeling incomplete. It really helped put the design into full perspective.

Finished Product

The client was very happy with the final product and it has become his biggest seller. It was this design made him decide that pets was the perfect theme based on the increased conversion rate. I personally wear mine everywhere.